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I'm on Twitter @jdatap

My Github is JohnCoene

My full Resume is online

You can contact me via email at jcoenep[at]gmail.com

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{echarts4r} is an R package that integrates echarts.js with R, R markdown, and Shiny.

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{grapher} is an R package that enables visualising large networks in three dimensions.

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news-r logo news-r logo news-r logo news-r logo


news-r is an initiative that attempts to simultaneously promote media scrutiny and freedom of speech by creating open-source software for media analysis.


Chirp is an open source platform to visualise Twitter interactions.

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A web-app to visualise your area in 3 dimensions, virtual and augmented reality.

Negotiate like a local book

Like a local

An web and Android application to get negotiation tips based on cultural profiles; a web adaptation of the book 'Negotiate like a local'.

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A free, open-source, public relationship monitoring platform.

aframer logo arframer logo aforce logo ascatter logo acharts logo


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in R.

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A convenient API to create guided tours of Shiny applications using driver.js.

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The twinetverse is a set of tools to analyse and visualise Twitter interactions. See the book for more details.

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Dynamically highlight text in Shiny.

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Interactive globes for R.

This is not an exhaustive list, all my project can be found on my Github.

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