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My book "JavaScript for R" is now available

Learn how to build your own visualisation packages, improve your shiny applications, and use JavaScript for computations.

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I'm on Twitter @jdatap

I'm on YouTube

My Github is JohnCoene

My full Resume is online and on LinkedIn

You can contact me via email at jcoenep[at]gmail.com

You will find my Shiny server here

I am also part of the Rinterface Group

I'm working on Opifex

I wrote JavaScript for R


Geneva R User Group 2019 - How to build htmlwidgets

Geneva R User Group 2020 - Coronavirus app

SatRday Neuchatel 2020 - Shiny user feedback | Recording

European R User Meeting 2020 - How to build htmlwidgets

Shiny Dev Series podcast - Recording | RStudio Community Page

WhyR 2020 - Robust JavaScript for R

R-ladies - JavaScript for R (Shiny)

Apache Con Asia - Echarts integration with the R programming language | Recording

R in Pharma - Shiny workshop

Data Workers - podcast (french)

R in Pharma 2021 - Unleash Shiny workshop

Shiny Conference 2022 - Endpoints with Shiny

Shiny Conference 2023 - Scaling Shiny: Experiences From Building a Large Application in Pharma

University of Geneva - echarts4r

R/Basel 2023 - Roche windy


JavaScript for R logo

JavaScript for R

A book on using JavaScript with R, published on CRC press.

echarts4r logo


{echarts4r} is an R package that integrates echarts.js with R, R markdown, and Shiny.

ambiorix logo


Web framework for R inspired by express.js.

waiter logo


Loading Screens for Shiny, used in the Mastering Shiny book.

grapher image


{grapher} is an R package that enables visualising large networks in three dimensions.

packer logo


An opinionated framework for using JavaScript with R.

firebase hex


Authenticate shiny users via Google Firebase.

cicerone logo


A convenient API to create guided tours of Shiny applications using driver.js.

twinetverse logo
sigmajs logo graphTweets logo


The twinetverse is a set of tools to analyse and visualise Twitter interactions. See the book for more details.

sever logo


Customise shiny disconnected screen and error messages.

sigmajs logo


Dynamically highlight text in Shiny.

globe4r logo


Interactive globes for R.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, all my projects can be found on my Github.

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