Like A Local

Like A Local

Website explore some of the content of the book Negotiate Like A Local which lets you get negotiation tips based on your and your interlocutor’s culture.

According to Professor Gert Jan Hofstede, Wageningen University;

An invaluable guide to anybody involved in international negotiations in business or any other field. Although supply chains and communications may have globalized, stubborn cultural differences between people remain. The authors have extensive experience and some illuminating anecdotes, but, importantly, they have filtered their experience through established research into cultural differences, and consequently, their guidance is reliable and transferable. Adapting to local styles of doing business is often the difference between success and failure – this book gives the reader a valuable advantage. — Professor David Arnold, London Business School (UK), China Europe International Business School (Shanghai, China) The book is eminently practical. It reads like a novel, using brief and clear summary of theory, well-chosen metaphors and a wealth of examples from real business life. Read it before establishing new contacts, and return to it when you wish to make sense of your experiences. I have no doubt that both you and your future business partners will benefit.

It is built in Python (Django), using a PostgreSQL database and hosted on heroku. One can create an account, login and save or rate the tips received.

John Coene
Data Science